Becky B.

Becky B.

"I joined Amplify a little over a year ago, and it was the BEST decision I ever made. The CrossFit community is like no other gym I have ever been too. CrossFit Ampliy is a family. The environment is extremely welcoming and the people are encouraging. The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful. The workouts are varied and always a challenge. If you want to change the way you think about fitness, you should come check out Amplify. I have lost 47 pounds over the year with a lot of grit & determination & so much support it has been amazing. I have gained flexibility, strength, stamina and endurance. NO EXCUSES! Give it a try!!!"

-- Becky B., after completing her one-year CrossFit anniversary workout with a #50 weight vest in 2013

Dan K.

"I sat down this afternoon intending to type out some letter that explained how I got to where I am and what brought me to Amplify. I closed that document, thinking what I wrote sounded stupid. Then I looked at the Amplify website and saw the same thing I saw when I first walked into the box in May:


To make greater or more powerful; increase.

To add or expand, in volume or significance; make complete .

CrossFit Amplify did exactly what I had hoped when I decided to give it a shot. I’m much stronger than I was 3 months ago. I expected that and I knew that would happen. What I didn't expect was the second part.

You can say it means weight on a barbell, or you can say it means you got bigger/slimmer, or anything else that you want. But today, reading that definition it meant only one thing to me:  family.

CrossFit Amplify expanded my family. It gave me a bigger family. My Amplify family makes me feel complete.  In every conditioning I had a helping hand, guiding me and showing me how to do something the right way. In every workout I had someone cheering me on or pushing me to be stronger. There are some workouts I would not have been able to do had it not been for that motivation from my Amplify family.

Amplify will always be home. It will be where my heart is. And above all else it will my Amplify family that I think about when any workout seems too tough.

Thank you all for being a part of one of the best summer’s of my life and for being a continuing inspiration to me in all that I do."

-- Daniel K., August, 2013

Stephanie M.

"I was so impressed by some of my results during the Paleo challenge. My deadlift and back squat each increased by 30 punds in 5 weeks. I shaved almost 3 minutes off one of the conditioning benchmarks as well. I realized that when your eating habits are in sync with your gym habits, you are unstoppable. I had more energy overall and was able to push myself through workouts with fewer breaks. I would like to go back to Paleo again for a longer amount of time.

I would recommend [the Paleo diet] because you are guaranteed to see results if you really commit yourself to eating clean. I still buy better ingredients and cook almost every meal for myself because of the Paleo challenge. You have the choice to make it a temporary or more permanent lifestyle change, but either way you owe it to your body to give it your best effort."

-- Stephanie M., 2011 Paleo Challenge Winner

July Members of the Month

Congratulations, DIANA! Always hard at work and adding strength to your endurance.  Keep up the dedication and stick to it!!

DIANA M. CrossFitting since:  June, 2011 Got hooked because:  I can't call myself hooked yet, but I keep coming back because I feel good when I'm done. The personal attention from the instructors/coaches and support from everyone else training is the best. Favorite Lift:  Deadlift (because I can do it right) Favorite WOD:  I'm starting to like the short runs thrown in at intervals. I just like the variety overall except when it includes burpees. LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD:  Anything that includes burpees. (Double unders are not working too well for me, but I have confidence that I might actually get better at those.) Favorite Workout Song:  “You’re the Best” by Tina Turner Favorite food or snack, currently:  Watermelon I get my inspiration from:  Pain in my hip. I'm running from it and I know I'm better after CrossFit. If I could have ANY superpower, I would have:  Invisibility





Finding a groove with each lift and workout... and a love for working out!  You're doing an awesome job!!

SCOTT L. CrossFitting since: March, 2011 Got hooked because:  Everyday it's different and I'm pushed to do things I would never do on my own.  Also, I love having my ass handed to me. Favorite Lift:  Clean & Jerk Favorite WOD:  Fight Gone Bad LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD:  Anything with burpees Favorite Workout Song:  I dont really hear the music once the workouts get going. Favorite food or snack, currently:  Pizza I get my inspiration from:  Not wanting to be the fat guy I was a few years ago. Advice to people just starting to CrossFit:  It's frustrating at first to try and learn all the movements but it gets better! If I could have ANY superpower, I would have:  The ability to stop time.

June 2011 Member of the Month

Congratulations, MICHAEL! AMPLIFY'S first member, and still hard at work.  Keep up the dedication and stick to your goals!!

MICHAEL K. CrossFitting since: 11/2008, give or take a few months Got hooked because:  How can you not!!!  I LOVE the intensity!!! Favorite Lift:  Power Clean Favorite WOD:  Karen... she kicks my ass every time!!! LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD: Deadlifts Favorite Workout Song:  Anything really... however, we need to get some Adele on that ipod :) Favorite food or snack, currently:  Sliced apples and almond butter. I get my inspiration from:  My grandmother... when she believed in something she never gave up. Advice to people just starting to CrossFit:  Don't give up.. you CAN do it..its tough as hell and its gonna kick your ass but the rewards are all worth it. I've lost a total of 75 lbs and gained at least 20-25 lbs in muscle..so can you!! If I could have ANY superpower, I would:  be invisible!!!

May 2011 Member of the Month


Energy.  Dedication.  Lungs.  It's all here.

Crossfitting since:  May 18, 2010. Hooked because:  I had never experienced something that made me feel so completely empowered before. Favorite Lift:   Deadlift Favorite WOD:  A tie between Annie and Filthy 50. Least Favorite Lift:  Front Squat (I always feel a bit choked out by it). Favorite Workout Song:  Either "Hero" by Skillet or "Bodies" by Drowning Pool... thanks to my son, Noah. Inspiration:   My Mom, because she is the strongest, fastest, toughest 74 year old chick that I know and I want to grow up to be just like her. Advice to people just starting CrossFit:  Just make sure you come back tomorrow because "YES, you CAN do it" is the best cheer to hear every day that you show up and Crossfit comes with a family of cheerleaders. Superpower I would like to have:   I would be like Samantha from Bewitched and would be able to fix everyone's problems with a twitch of my nose.

April 2011 CrossFit Open Competitors

CFAMP had a few members take on the CrossFit Open workouts, which included 6 weeks of tough WODs!  Besides Leslie, Mike, and Scott, these 2 studs completed all 6 WODs and are the April Amplify members of the month.  Nice work Paul and Patrick!

Congratulations, Paul! 445 in the North Central Region.

What a year you've had.  With all the progress you've made, imagine where you'll be in one more.

Crossfitting since:  February, 2010 Hooked because:  I was immediately humbled by the intensity and difficulty of the workouts.   It immediately revealed all my weaknesses in strength, flexibility, and stamina Favorite Lift:   Deadlift Favorite WOD:  No one WOD.  Love doing the hero workouts because I look at them on paper and think "who in the hell would even attempt this?" Least Favorite Lift:  Overhead Squat (I suck at it) Favorite Workout Song:  Anything fast and loud Favorite Paleo Food:  Seafood Ceviche Inspiration:   Trying not to be an old guy (midlife crisis) Advice to people just starting CrossFit:   Leave your ego at the door.  Start slow and scale everything. Superpower I would like to have:   X-ray vision (is that creepy?).  I would settle for any competency at handstand walking.


Great work Patrick! 381 in the North Central Region.

The clock starts and you just keep on going... killer mentality.  Keep it up!

CrossFitting since:  February, 2010 Got hooked because:  It looked so simple but was so hard. Favorite Lift:  Overhead Squat Favorite WOD:  Nicole LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD:  Elizabeth (squat cleans scare me) Favorite Workout Song:  CrossFit South County VIDEO [wmv] [mov] Favorite food or snack, currently:  I have 2; Banana with peanut butter (before bed) and almonds and raisins (around 10am). I get my inspiration from:  In the gym... from Paul. Advice to people just starting CrossFit:  Just show up and do the work. If I could have ANY superpower, I would:  FLY


March 2011 Fitness Challenge Winners

CFAMP saw a TON of progress and lots of PRs in our lifts and benchmark WODs through the month of March.  These 3 Amplify members scored the best improvement points on their challenge workouts and nutrition logs. Nice work Nathan, Carrie, and Matthew!


Congratulations, Nathan!

Just 17 and already a beast. Keep up the amazing work.

CrossFitting since: December 2010 Got hooked because: My brother convinced me to try it and it was awesome. Favorite Lift: Back Squat LEAST Favorite Lift: Full Snatches Favorite food or snack, currently: Anythinginthefridge that is healthy. Advice to people just starting to CrossFit: Listen closely to the Trainers. They know what they're talking about. I get my inspiration from: My body is God's temple and I should take care of it. A competitive spirit helps. If I could have ANY superpower, I would: Influence everyone’s minds to see the truth of God's Word and accept the sacrifice of his son.






Great work, Carrie!

What an awesome work ethic... and it shows in your progress lately!!

CrossFitting since: Late October 2010 Got hooked because: I like that the skills and WODs are different every day! And all the encouragement from the coaches and other members makes it fun! Favorite Lift: Back Squat Favorite WOD: That's a tough question. I thought the Filthy Fifty was fun (and hard!). LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD: Clean & Jerk (I have a lot to work on!) Favorite food or snack, currently: Banana I get my inspiration from: All the other crossfitters! And when I see improvement it makes me want to keep going! Advice to people just starting to CrossFit: Stick with it! And chalk your hands on the pull up bar! If I could have ANY superpower, I would: Be able to transport myself... I always seem to be in a hurry to get from one place to the next!



Amazingly, Matthew has taken his CrossFit talents across the world to work with Alpacas.  Yes, this is true.  Ask him about his shearing job when he returns.

Way to go Matthew!

CrossFitting since: Actively since Dec. '09
Got hooked because: The opportunity to challenge myself with things I'd never done before, like jump ropes and gymnastic rings.
Favorite Lift: Deadlift Favorite WOD: Jack LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD: Annie. I don't have consistent double-unders yet.
Favorite Workout Song: All-american rejects, "Dirty little secret"
Favorite food or snack, currently: Beef jerky and sunflower seeds
I get my inspiration from: My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and I want to keep it well.
Advice to people just starting to CrossFit: Don't be intimidated, everything's scalable, the magic is in the movement not necessarily the load.
If I could have ANY superpower, I would: know the future, to be able to plan better.