April 2011 CrossFit Open Competitors

CFAMP had a few members take on the CrossFit Open workouts, which included 6 weeks of tough WODs!  Besides Leslie, Mike, and Scott, these 2 studs completed all 6 WODs and are the April Amplify members of the month.  Nice work Paul and Patrick!

Congratulations, Paul! 445 in the North Central Region.

What a year you've had.  With all the progress you've made, imagine where you'll be in one more.

Crossfitting since:  February, 2010 Hooked because:  I was immediately humbled by the intensity and difficulty of the workouts.   It immediately revealed all my weaknesses in strength, flexibility, and stamina Favorite Lift:   Deadlift Favorite WOD:  No one WOD.  Love doing the hero workouts because I look at them on paper and think "who in the hell would even attempt this?" Least Favorite Lift:  Overhead Squat (I suck at it) Favorite Workout Song:  Anything fast and loud Favorite Paleo Food:  Seafood Ceviche Inspiration:   Trying not to be an old guy (midlife crisis) Advice to people just starting CrossFit:   Leave your ego at the door.  Start slow and scale everything. Superpower I would like to have:   X-ray vision (is that creepy?).  I would settle for any competency at handstand walking.


Great work Patrick! 381 in the North Central Region.

The clock starts and you just keep on going... killer mentality.  Keep it up!

CrossFitting since:  February, 2010 Got hooked because:  It looked so simple but was so hard. Favorite Lift:  Overhead Squat Favorite WOD:  Nicole LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD:  Elizabeth (squat cleans scare me) Favorite Workout Song:  CrossFit South County VIDEO [wmv] [mov] Favorite food or snack, currently:  I have 2; Banana with peanut butter (before bed) and almonds and raisins (around 10am). I get my inspiration from:  In the gym... from Paul. Advice to people just starting CrossFit:  Just show up and do the work. If I could have ANY superpower, I would:  FLY