CrossFit Monthly Membership
Unlimited classes: $165
3 days a week: $145

CrossFit 3-Month Membership
25% off either package.
(This is $371.25 for unlimited classes or $326.25 for our 3-day/week.)

30% off for Students with Proof of Enrollment (Unlimited: $115.50. 3-day: $101.50.)
25% off for Military, First Responders, and LEO. (Unlimited: $123.75. 3-day: $108.75.)
20% off per person for Household Family Members. (Unlimited: $132 per person. 3-day: $116 per person.)
15% off for Teachers. (Unlimited: $140.25. 3-day: $123.25.)
Discounts are on monthly rates only.

Bootcamp Monthly Membership
This is a non-barbell, group training fitness class.
Unlimited classes: $130
3 days a week: $120
2 days a week: $110
Or with CrossFit membership, Bootcamp is included in package.

Discount percentages above can also apply to Bootcamp memberships.