June 2011 Member of the Month

Congratulations, MICHAEL! AMPLIFY'S first member, and still hard at work.  Keep up the dedication and stick to your goals!!

MICHAEL K. CrossFitting since: 11/2008, give or take a few months Got hooked because:  How can you not!!!  I LOVE the intensity!!! Favorite Lift:  Power Clean Favorite WOD:  Karen... she kicks my ass every time!!! LEAST Favorite Lift or WOD: Deadlifts Favorite Workout Song:  Anything really... however, we need to get some Adele on that ipod :) Favorite food or snack, currently:  Sliced apples and almond butter. I get my inspiration from:  My grandmother... when she believed in something she never gave up. Advice to people just starting to CrossFit:  Don't give up.. you CAN do it..its tough as hell and its gonna kick your ass but the rewards are all worth it. I've lost a total of 75 lbs and gained at least 20-25 lbs in muscle..so can you!! If I could have ANY superpower, I would:  be invisible!!!