May 2011 Member of the Month


Energy.  Dedication.  Lungs.  It's all here.

Crossfitting since:  May 18, 2010. Hooked because:  I had never experienced something that made me feel so completely empowered before. Favorite Lift:   Deadlift Favorite WOD:  A tie between Annie and Filthy 50. Least Favorite Lift:  Front Squat (I always feel a bit choked out by it). Favorite Workout Song:  Either "Hero" by Skillet or "Bodies" by Drowning Pool... thanks to my son, Noah. Inspiration:   My Mom, because she is the strongest, fastest, toughest 74 year old chick that I know and I want to grow up to be just like her. Advice to people just starting CrossFit:  Just make sure you come back tomorrow because "YES, you CAN do it" is the best cheer to hear every day that you show up and Crossfit comes with a family of cheerleaders. Superpower I would like to have:   I would be like Samantha from Bewitched and would be able to fix everyone's problems with a twitch of my nose.