Wednesday, March 6, 2019



Skill Work
Handstand Push-ups [Video]
Complete 5 Sets of Handstand Push Ups (7 reps Rx; 12 reps Rx+) 
Rest 1-2 minutes between sets.
This is practice, so take your time. The goal is no AbMat as you won’t be allowed one in the Open.

Scaled Options:
1. Scale reps down to something you can manage.
2. Keep the reps and use 1 AbMat.
3. If you don’t have the strength for HSPU, scale to a Dumbbell Z-Press. 5 sets of 7, weight of your choice.

15-12-9-6 Reps For Time:
• Thrusters (#95/65)
• Bar Facing Burpees
• Chest to Bar Pull-ups


12 min Partner WOD
7 AD
7 Push ups
7 Ski Erg
*Alternate Rounds

2 min Rest

12 min Partner WOD
P1: Sled push
P2: 10 Legs over weight
       10 Russian twists (2:1)
*After both partners push the sled perform 20 mt climbers and continue

6 min CORE work
1 min flutter kicks
1 min bicycle abs
1 min single leg v-ups