Tuesday, March 5, 2019



Hang Clean [Video]
Complete 7 Sets of 2 Hang Squat Cleans.
Start light and build into a heavy set. Don’t drop; hold onto the bar between reps.

Partner Conditioning
14 Rounds Of:
• 8 Ski Erg Calories
• 4 Turf Width Sled Pushes (#2/1 weight plates)
• 8 Hang Power Cleans (#95/65)

* Partners alternate each round.


30 min Partner AMRAP
60 Cal row
20 MB cleans together
30 Pull ups or Ring rows
20 Wallballs together
10 Man Makers
20 V-ups together

*row, pull ups and man makers: one person performs at a time

4 min Chest and BACK Cash out:
10 DB Rows (both arms same time)
10 Two count push ups on DB’s
10 DB single arm row (each side)
10 Weighted plank push ups