Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Blackout Week!
To have a little fun, this entire week will be blacked out.
This means each day's strength will be posted, but the conditioning workout will only be announced at the gym.
Show up to see what's in store!

Blackout Week

Skill Work
Pull-ups [Video]
Muscle-ups [Video]
Options for Pull-ups or Ring Muscle-ups:
• Work on Strict Pull-ups in a band if you can’t do unassisted Pull-ups.
• Work on the kip if you can’t string 10 Kipping Pull-ups in a row. Attempt to complete 20-30 Strict Pull-ups.
• Work on the Butterfly Pull-up if you’re capable of stringing 10 Kipping Pull-ups in a row.
• Work on Ring Drills for the Muscle-up if you can string 10 Pull-ups in a row. Work on hips to rings.
• Work on stringing 2-4 Muscle-ups together.

Blackout Conditioning
For Time: