Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Conditioning!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Ladies, Lulu, Lunges, & Laughs Friday, June 3, 5pm-11pm. Ladies Night at Amp. Details and Event Page HERE.

Running for HopeRunning For Hope Sunday, June 5th at 8am. Support Scott and his son Kyle at Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn. Details HERE. For this reason, there will be no Sunday 10am class this week.

WEDNESDAY Conditioning Part 1 For Time: 15 Wall Ball Shots (#20/14) 5 Deadlifts (#245/165 Rx; #305/185 Rx+) 25 Wall Ball Shots 5 Deadlifts 35 Wall Ball Shots 5 Deadlifts 45 Wall Ball Shots 5 Deadlifts Part 2 "Tabata" Airdyne Slam Ball Sit-ups

Tabata: Perform each exercise for 8 Cycles of 20 seconds “on,” 10 seconds “off.” Finish all 8 cycles of the exercise before moving on to the next. No extra rest in between. Score the reps at each movement plus overall total.