Thursday, March 17, 2016

 ct-00122-KELLYGREENHappy St. Patrick's Day! Snatch work and a Partner WOD for Thursday. Plus, CrossFit Open WOD 16.4 is released at 7pm.

The CrossFit Open continues each Friday! We will complete the weekly workout each Friday as a gym WOD during regular class hours, whether you are competing in the Open or not.  Let's finish strong! Plan on two more great Friday Night Lights. 12493831_1021643444544180_2130580769920124493_o

THURSDAY Strength Snatch [Video] EMOM For 8 Minutes: 3-Position Snatch

3-Position Snatch = Hi Hang, Hang, and Floor. All through a full squat. Choose weight based on feel today.

Partner Conditioning AMRAP in 18 Minutes: • 10 Power Snatch (#75/55) • 10 Pull-ups • 4 Turf Width Shuttle Sprints

* Athletes alternate each round.

Snatch Positions For Thursday, we'll go in reverse order of this video.

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