Monday, January 18, 2016

Normal class hours on Monday!Back off week! Our workout progression continues with CrossFit Open prep-- but with the high volume lately we'll be dialing back just a bit in order to keep making gains in future weeks. Even if you feel good this week don't add more work so you can fully benefit from our progression.

Jumprope - The Rx Method Saturday, February 20. Learn to efficiently master double unders and other jumprope basics. Info and registration link. RXSG Box no gradiant

MONDAY Strength Snatch [Video] Take 15 minutes to complete: 3 x 1 @90% Snatch (Full Squat) 2 x 2 @80% Snatch. Do not touch and go. Drop and reset.

Conditioning "Amanda" Rx: 9-7-5 Reps Of: • Muscle-ups • Squat Snatch (#135/95)

Scaled: • 18-14-10 Reps of Pull-ups • 9-7-5 Reps of Squat Snatch

Old CrossFit Games Footage of "Amanda"