Thursday, September 24, 2015

12048849_857346000257_1301411186_nSkill Work and a Partner WOD for Thursday!

Barbells For Boobs This Saturday: CrossFit Amplify will be hosting the Barbells For Boobs fundraiser event once again this year. Amplify has been honored with being one of the outreach program stops on Barbells for Boobs Pink Bra Tour for 2015!  INFO HERE. Barbells for Boobs 2011

THURSDAY Skill Work Take 15 minutes to work on Gymnastics skills of your choice. Coaches will be involved for help and ideas.

Partner Conditioning For Time: 150 Kettlebell Swings 30 Box Jumps 100 Push-ups 30 Box Jumps 100 Ball Slams 30 Box Jumps 150 Sit-ups

* Partners will choose an appropriate weight/height and can split reps any way they choose.

Box Jumps