Thursday, September 3, 2015

IMG_9444.JPGThursday Skill Work and a Partner WOD!

This Saturday Join us for Coach Lauren's final workout at Amplify! Both class hours are open-- she will be doing the workout with the 9am. Wish her luck on the next chapter of life!

Labor Day We will be closed next Monday, September 7. Classes will resume Tuesday as usual.

Barbells For Boobs September 26, 2015: CrossFit Amplify will be hosting the Barbells For Boobs fundraiser event once again this year. Amplify has been honored with being one of the outreach program stops on Barbells for Boobs Pink Bra Tour for 2015!  INFO HERE. Barbells for Boobs 2011

THURSDAY Skill Work EMOM for 10 Minutes: • Odd Minutes: 8 Toes to Bar (Scaled: 8 Kipping Knees to Chest) • Even Minutes: 6 Alternating Pistols (Scaled: 6 Alt. Single Leg Box Squats)

Partner Conditioning For Time, with a 30 Minute Time Cap: KB Farmer Carry around Ohio Street (Athletes chose weight) Sled Push around Ohio Street (Athletes chose weight) 60 Airdyne Calories 60 Double Push-up Burpees

* Athletes chose how they split the reps.

Pistol Progression: Single Leg Box Squat