Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Sled Drags and a Team WOD!

Words of the Week! Read "Balance" for this week's focus on work, rest, and life enjoyment.Words of the Week image

Amplify Carnival! This Saturday, 7/11. All types of fun for adults and the kids too! 9am Saturday class will lead into sticking around Amplify for daytime fun. No 10am class for the BBQ. Carnival-photo

Amplify Open August 8-9 Team Competition. Registration is here! 10891694_890917770949706_1027422878764229076_n

THURSDAY Strength Partner Sled Drags [YouTube] EMOM for 12 Minutes: Odd Minutes: Partner 1 Forward Drag (#135/90), Partner 2 Farmers Carry (#70/55) Even Minutes: Rest Alternate roles.

Conditioning In Teams of 3 AMRAP in 8 Minutes: • 8 Pull-ups • 8 Power Snatches (#105/65)

* Each person completes 1 full round at a time.

Post Workout AbPlanks [YouTube] 3 sets of max effort for time.

The Kipping Pull-up