Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Front Squats and a whole lotta other work for Wednesday!

ANNOUNCEMENTS 21 Day Sugar Detox: Starts today!!! Are you in need of a Sugar Smackdown heading into summer?  Join the challenge from Wednesday, May 27 - Thursday, June 16! Details here.

Central Regional: Keep up with Kristin and what's going on in Minnesota this coming weekend! Regionals will be streaming live the entire time at

Running For Hope: Sunday, June 7th at 8am. Support Scott and his son Kyle at Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn. Details here.

Amplify Open: Save the date! August 8-9 Team Competition. Details coming soon! Event page here.

WEDNESDAY Strength Front Squat [YouTube] Complete 5 Sets of 2 Pause Front Squats. Start at 70% of 1repmax and increase as you go.

Pause Squat = 3 full seconds in the bottom of the squat and then accelerate to the top.

Conditioning For Time: Run 600 meters 65 Wall Ball Shots (#30/20) 65 Box Step Overs with MedBall Run 600 meters

Post Workout 100 AbMat Sit-ups For Time

Front Squat Tips