Thursday, April 16, 2015

Toes to Bar and a Partner WOD for Thursday!

Amplify 5 Year Anniversary Party Join us this Saturday, April 18 for a 10am big group workout, and then at 7:30pm the same night at Mullen's to celebrate Amplify turning FIVE!


THURSDAY Skill Work Toes to Bar [YouTube] Take 10 minutes to practice technique and efficiency. If you can efficiently touch T2B, attempt a max unbroken set. If you’re not capable of touching, work on front swing, scoop, hips down and your highest straight leg raise.

Conditioning Partner AMRAP in 30 Minutes: • Run 400 meters together • 10 Toes to Bar • 20 Push-ups • 30 Wall Ball Shots (#20/14)

* Athlete #1 does 10 T2B while Athlete #2 does 20 Push-ups. Athlete #1 then does 30 Wall Ball. After the run Athlete #2 starts the next round. Continue to alternate for the entire AMRAP.

Kipping Toes to Bar