Nutrition Challenge, Fall 2014



Goal Challenge Series

Starting Monday, October 13, with several parts to keep you honest and to meet your goals.


This fall, we've gone outside of the traditional CrossFit "Paleo Challenge," and created a series for members of Amplify that will allow them to really get in touch with what is most important to them when it comes to their nutrition.

When we get clarity on what is most important to us, what we value in terms of our health, we can get focused on what we need to do to achieve those goals.

Our job as coaches will be to guide you through the process of not only setting your goals, but understanding what is necessary to achieve them and hopefully giving you the tools to keep you on the right path. The Series will be a 2 week "on," 2 week "off" process.

Series #1 October 13th - October 27th Series #2 November 10th - November 24th Series #3 December 8th - December 22nd

Make sure you fill out a goal sheet (Download HERE) and email it to us  This is a requirement of participation and eligibility to win.

Entry is $30 per team.

See more details in the Amplify Nutrition Forum on Facebook.  Find Craig M. or Lauren B. and ask to be added to the Forum group and to get set up.