Monday, April 28, 2014


Back to work Monday with a Curtis P. cluster! Check below.

RemindersEarly Morning Schedule: 5:30am class schedule has changed to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. No more Thursday 5:30am.

Amplify Girls Night Out: Thursday, May 8 is the Amp GNO, ladies!

North Central Regional: Remember to get tickets for the North Central Regional May 9-11 to support Kristin. Get tickets now so you won't miss out. Let's get the Amp Nation in full effect again this year! Get tickets here.

Murph for Miller: Join the Tri-Cities CrossFit crew for their annual fundraiser on May 23. Details here.

MONDAY Strength Front Squat [wmv][mov] Every minute on the minute complete 3 heavy Front Squats.

Conditioning AMRAP Ladder in 8 Minutes: • 1 "Curtis P" Cluster @ #95/65 (1 Curtis P = 1 Power Clean + 1 Lunge each Leg + 1 Push Press) • 4 Turf Shuttle Sprints (width of the turf, side to side =1) • 2 Curtis P • 4 Shuttle Sprints • 3 Curtis P • 4 Shuttle Sprints • 4 Curtis P • 4 Shuttle Sprints • 5 Curtis P • 4 Shuttle Sprints

* Continue to increase "Curtis P" by 1 cluster each round.

Curtis P Demo