Thursday, April 24, 2014


Thursday Gymnastic work, Plyometrics, and more!

Reminders Yoga: Come join in with Michaela this Saturday at 8am!

THURSDAY Skill Work Every minute for 18 minutes: • First Minute: 1 Rope Climb • Second Minute: 5/3 Handstand Push-ups • Third Minute: 4/2 Candlestick Rolls to Pistols

* Take this opportunity as gymnastic practice. Beginners: sub climbs to half way, use two AbMats for HSPU, and perform a regular Candlestick Roll.

Conditioning AMRAP in 10 Minutes: • Shuttle Run (pillar to pillar, length of turf) • 10 Pylo Push-ups with Slamball (5 per arm) • 10 Jumping Lunges (5 per leg) • Rest 1 minute

Rope Climb Tips with Jason K.