Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Open Gym Hours-- get in and get some work done!

Announcements We strongly encourage everyone to register for the CrossFit Open! Registration is now open.  We will complete the workouts each week anyway! Weekly workouts begin February 27.

Thursday, January 30: Goal Setting with Lauren P. Come join the meeting at 6:30pm to get help achieving what you want out of your Amplify experience!

Saturday & Sunday, February 15-16: Galt Games competition at Atlas CrossFit in Chicago.

THURSDAY Open Gym Regular Class Hours

Come on in to warm up, work on mobility, skill, strength, and/or develop a workout on your own.

Coaches will be present and helping. This is a perfect time to hone your skills in an area of strength OR weakness. Get in and get to work! (Sneak Peak for Friday: Overhead Movements & Double Unders may or may not be in effect.)

The CrossFit Open... Are You In?