Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday brings Skill Work and a Snatchtastic WOD.

Check out Amplify's new sign-in and calendar view through ZenPlanner. ZenPlanner will allow members to pay dues online and track gym attendance and workouts. We'll be working out the kinks this first month.

WEDNESDAY Skill Work 3 Rounds Not For Time: • 30 Second Nose to Wall Handstand Hold • 6 Turkish Get-ups (3 per side) • 10 PVC Passovers • 10 PVC Overhead Squat Wall Therapy

Conditioning For Time: 10 Snatches (Full Squat, #115/75) 40 Double Unders 8 Snatches 40 Double Unders 6 Snatches 40 Double Unders 4 Snatches 40 Double Unders 2 Snatches

Snatch Work, with the Elite