Thursday, August 29, 2013


Front Squats and more to attack for Thursday!

Announcements: Our next Paleo Challenge will start September 16th.
Details available at the informational meeting on Sept. 10. Mark your calendars! Good luck as athletes prep for this Saturday and Sunday at the Barebones CrossFit Garage Games Battle on the Fox!

THURSDAY Strength Front Squat [wmv][mov] 4 reps @75% 3 reps @80% 2 reps @85% 4 reps @80% 3 reps @85% 2 reps @90%

Conditioning 10-1 Reps of Toes to Bar 1-10 Reps of Hang Power Clean * Perform 10 Double Unders between each round.

Front Squat Session What does she do well?