2013: A New Year

A New Year

At the beginning of 2008, after toying with it a bit, I decided to dive head first into CrossFit.

It was the beginning of a new year, so I decided why not? Three days on, one day off. Rinse and repeat.

While I was somewhat athletic most of my life, the truth is I had lots of weaknesses to work on. And CrossFit exposed those weaknesses. Anyone starting out realizes that immediately. But everyone experienced still fights their inherent limitations. It’s the same struggle, no matter how many notches on your belt.

Well, the good news and the bad news is all the same: it never stops.

There are always inherent skills or strengths that a person is born with or seem to come naturally in fitness… and there are always things to work on. Our Achilles' heels, you could say. Somebody could walk into the gym tomorrow and put you to shame in a skill you’ve been trying to perfect for a year. They could also walk in and revel in something you’ve spent the year improving, thinking you’re the natural.

The battle is fun, but the outcome is better. Both are necessary, so check past posts regarding progress, training, muscle soreness, recovery, etc. Ask questions. Seek out answers.

Also keep your goals in check. Know how much you lift. Know your PRs (personal records). Know what you'd like to achieve. And tell someone when it happens. We all want to know, because we've been there and can share that feeling. This is a community, not just a place to workout. If you've spent some time here you already know that.

It’s hard to realize as a newbie, but most people didn’t come in lifting what they do or hitting double unders, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups… you name it. It’s cliché, but we all had to start somewhere; keep that in mind but also remember your roots so you can share success stories of the seemingly impossible.

I speak for myself, Mike, and the rest of the Amplify trainers when I say that we are inspired as much as you are. Some of the journeys and success stories we see are the type worthy of YouTube videos or website write-ups.

We realize each day at the gym that we all can, and should, be both proud with our progress and also restless in the pursuit of more. It’s that healthy discontent that keeps us going, and the thrill of success that makes it worthwhile. It’s what got you here in the first place, and if you stay focused, what will keep you on track to reach past the many milestones and accomplished goals, no matter how lofty they once seemed.

So, whether you’re brand new or a resident badass, welcome to the next year of CrossFit.

- Scott, 1.1.13