Monday 4/18/11

Kyle has a big day Monday.  He goes through another open heart surgery at Hope Children's Hospital. Good luck to Kyle from the Amplify family. Stay strong little man.

His dad is running run a 5k in Oak Lawn that serves as a fundraiser and a celebration of life for children that go through Hope Children's Hospital.  Anyone interested can join!  It's called Running for Hope and this year it is on Sunday, June 5th at 8:00am.  It's a little trek south... but just in case you have road races on your horizon to start the summer, come on down!

We will also have a donation page for Kyle set up online leading up to the 5k event.  I'll provide a link here soon for those interested.

Monday's workout scheme is set up for his birthdate. Lucky you : )

MONDAY Skill Practice •Muscle-up Transitions/Ring Dips [wmv][mov] •Inverted Hangs & Descents [wmv][mov]

Conditioning 3 Rounds of: •17 Pull-ups •3 Deadlifts (80% 1repmax) •17 Push-ups