Tuesday 4/19/11

Kyle Update: facebook.com/scott.crossfitamplify Thanks for the amazing support everyone.

TUESDAY Strength Snatch Balance  3-3-3-3 [wmv] [mov] (Work on mechanics and warm-up for WOD)

Conditioning 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Rep Rounds Of: •Overhead Squats (#95/65) •Hand-release Push-ups


CrossFit Games Open Workout 11.5

The fifth and second to last workout of the Open will be released Tuesday night, ~7pm central.  Stay tuned to see what’s in store!

CrossFit Amplify is a registered host site to validate workouts & scores.  Email or see a trainer to set-up a time to be judged.  Walk-ins will not allow us to judge appropriately.  Set your day & time!!  Good luck to all.

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