2011 Winter Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition and Fitness Challenge, Winter-Spring 2011

• There's a $10 buy-in to compete in the challenge.  (Due during the first week.) • Winner of this challenge gets an unlimited membership for the month of April 2011. • The challenge will begin February 7th and end on April 1st. • The first week of the challenge will include Strength/Skills and WODs as a baseline to measure your ability in the gym. • Retesting in the final week of the challenge will be compared to the results of the initial week (see scoring below). • During the eight-week challenge you goal is to improve your eating habits along with improving your physical fitness. • For the purpose of this challenge, we are following Whole9's recommendations for healthy eating. • Links are included below for the food log and the Whole9's guidelines for nutrition.


Here's how scoring for the challenge works:

Keep a daily food log of what you eat including the good, the bad, and ugly. Commit to eating as healthy as you can and make improvements along the way. Guidelines for what to eat and what to stay away from will be provided. Each daily log is a point, so you earn a maximum of 7 points each week for submitting a week's worth of logs each Monday or Tuesday at the gym. They will be posted for all to see so that we can learn from each other and keep each other on track.

We are programming WODs that will provide a baseline of your ability and will later be compared in retesting to determine your progress over the eight weeks of the challenge. Timed workouts as well as AMRAPs and strength/skills will be in the mix.

• For strengths/skills, you get a point for improving. On top of that you earn a ½ point for every five pounds of your new PR. Your deadlift went from #235 to #245? You just earned a point for the improvement and a point because it was 10 pounds (two ½ points).

• Timed WODs will garner you a point for improvement and an additional ½ point per every 30 seconds of improvement. So if your time for a WOD improves by just a few seconds or perhaps you use a heavier weight during retesting you get a point. If you improve by, let's say a full minute, you get an additional point (two ½ points).

• For AMRAPs an increase in rounds gets you ½ points. But you get one point for any improvement, even if it's not a full round over your initial effort. If you got 15 full rounds of Cindy the first time and then retested with 15 rounds and 1 rep, you get a point for that. If you got 17 full rounds on your retest, then you get another full point (a ½ per round).

Finally you get credit for regularly using Beyond The Whiteboard. If you aren't setup for BTWB, let Mike know. You earn a point each week that you have 3 or more postings. This isn't just during the initial and retest weeks of the contest; all eight weeks of BTWB contributions can get you a maximum of eight points during the challenge.  Beyond the Whiteboard is part of your membership at CrossFit Amplify, so make good use of it to track your progress.

This will be another opportunity to set and attain the goals you've made for yourself this year while having a great time competing with and encouraging your friends at CrossFit Amplify.  Over the next eight weeks you will see how improving your eating habits will fuel your body to excel at WODs as well as your Strengths/Skills.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone make great strides and getting the most out of this nutrition and fitness challenge.

In the comment section below add your ideas, links, discoveries, and discussions about the challenge.