Sunday, June 3, 2018


9am CrossFit WOD

Skill Work
Rope Climbs [Video]
Take 15 minutes to work on Rope Climb technique.
• Beginners: Seated box foot clamp practice, footwork help, and climb attempts.
• Advanced: Multiple climbs and legless attempts.

AMRAP in 17 Minutes:
• 15 Wall Ball Shots
• 15 Hand Release Push-ups
• 15 AbMat Sit-ups (Toes to Bar for Rx+)
• Row 500 meters

Rest 3 Minutes

Optional Team Sled Push Ohio Street (Groups of 3-4)

10am Running WOD

400m easy run
Footwork drills

Pyramid Intervals
Run 800 meters
Run 600 meters
Run 400 meters
Run 200 meters

Increase intensity throughout.
Beginners: 3+ minute rest in between.
Experienced: 2 minute rest in between.

Optional Cool Down
5-6 minute "shake out" run