Monday, October 2, 2017

Oly Complex and more for Monday!

Nutrition Challenge Our next Nutrition Challenge starts today, 10/2! Good luck to everyone, and stick with it!

Barbells For Boobs Saturday, October 14. Facebook event page here.

MONDAY Strength Power Clean [Video] Push Jerk [Video]

Complete 3 Sets of 5 Touch & Go Power Clean + Push Jerks (#135/95 Rx; #155/105 Rx+) Complete 1 Set of Max Reps T&G Power Clean + Push Jerks

Conditioning For Time: Run 800 meters 100 Push Press (#75/55 Rx;  #105/70 Rx+) Run 800 meters

* Complete 10 Burpees upon every drop of the bar during Push Press.

Power Cleans