Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Skill Work and More!

Labor Day Monday we will hold 9am Bootcamp & 10am CrossFit class only. All other classes are cancelled. Enjoy time with friends and family!

Blog Series Check out the final installation to our six-part summer blog series, "Maximizing Your Amplify Experience." Tips for Beginners and Veterans alike.

Amplify Open Saturday, September 23. Registration is open! Details here.

FRIDAY Skill Work Toes to Bar [Video] Take 8 minutes to practice technique: • Newbies: work on sets of 2-5. • Intermediates: work on sets of 5-10. • Experienced: work on sets of 10-15.

Conditioning 2 Rounds For Time: • 75 Double Unders • 25 Handstand Push-ups (Scaled: Push Press @ #75/55) • Run 400 meters • 25 Dumbbell Deadlifts (#50/35)

Toes to Bar