2017 Amplify Open

September 23, 2017

We are proud to announce year five of the Amplify Open! This year we are hosting a one-day team competition.

Teams will consist of 3 Athletes: 2 Males and 1 Female. All teams will complete all 4 workouts for the day.


$150 for both Rx and Scaled teams.
Top 5 finishers in each division will receive cash payouts and gift bags full of vendor swag.
30 Rx teams, 30 Scaled teams.
In the spirit of competition and respect to the CrossFit community, please sign up for the proper division according to your skill level.
Rx Division: Open to anyone.
Movement skill and weight will be the classic “Rx” workout standards you would see at your local CrossFit gym. Register in Rx division to experience great competition and to see where you rank in the area.
Scaled Division: Open to anyone.
Movement skill and weight will be the normal “Scaled” workout standards you might use at your local CrossFit gym. Register in Scaled division to keep developing your CrossFit movements, to experience your first competition, and to just have fun.

HEATS – Follow the link for heats and a tentative schedule: http://wodleader.com/schedules/amplifyopen – Division order for the day: Scaled teams, Rx teams. – Heats will run one after another to keep the flow going throughout the day. For this reason, specific heat times may chance slightly. – Check the workout descriptions/time caps to have an approximate time of when your heat will be competing.

WORKOUTS Announced individually each day this week! To add an element of fun to the competition this year, each event will have an additional buy-in or buy-out portion for teams to complete. Each buy-in/out will be scored separately, creating 8 total scored events on the day.

Event 1a & 1b 14 Minute Workout Buy-in: 150 Wall Ball Shots (#30/20 Rx; #20/14 Scaled) 50 reps per person, completed in a row.

AMRAP: • 3 Power Cleans (#185/125 Rx; #135/95 Scaled) • 5 Lateral Barbell Burpees • 7 Airdyne Calories

Teammates will perform one full round at a time. Teams can choose any order to cycle through, but will stick with that order throughout the AMRAP.

Event 2a & 2b 7 Minute Workout Buy-in: 45 Lateral Barbell Burpees (Split 15 reps per person, completed in a row.)

27 Thrusters (#115/85 Rx; #75/55 Scaled) 24 Thrusters (#135/95 Rx; #95/65 Scaled) 21 Thrusters (#155/105 Rx; #105/75 Scaled) 18 Thrusters (#185/125 Rx; #115/85 Scaled)

Teams will move through the Thrusters in sequence, completing equal reps at each weight. Teams can choose any order to cycle through, but will stick with that order throughout the workout.

Event 3a & 3b 17 Minute Workout Buy-in: Run 1200 meters (Teammates can separate from one another, but can only begin the Snatches when final member arrives.)

90 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (#70/50 Rx; #50/35 Scaled) 120 Box Jump Overs (24”/20”) 150 Handstand Push-ups for Rx/150 Push Press for Scaled (#95/65)

Teammates will work through the movements as a team, completing equal reps per person. Teams can choose any order to cycle through, and can switch their order throughout, as long as one person works at a time.

Event 4a & 4b 15 Minute Total Time Cap Athlete 1: 40 Ground to Shoulder (#100/70 D-ball) Athlete 2: 50 Toes to Bar Athlete 3: 60 Calorie Row

Buy-out: 50 Ring Muscle-ups for Rx/100 Pull-ups for Scaled (Split any way; no minimum per person.)

Teammates will perform one movement only in Event 4a. The next athlete/movement can start once the previous has ended. Muscle-ups/Pull-ups can begin immediately after the Row is complete.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Doors will open at 7:15am. – Welcome announcement at 8:00am; Heat 1 of Event 1 will begin shortly after. – There will be no spectator fee for this event. All are welcome. – Look for event parking across the street from Amplify on Ohio St. – Team camps and athlete areas can be set up outside. Please bring chairs, tents, and any other items as desired. In the result of inclement weather, space will be made available indoors on that day. – An athlete warm-up area will be designated inside the facility. – Vendors will be offering food, supplements, and workout gear.

Join the Facebook Event Page for up to date information regarding workouts and other weekend information.

Have questions about 2016 Amplify Open? Contact CrossFit Amplify