Monday, July 18, 2016

Squats and some hard work for Monday!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Amp White Sox Outing This weekend-- July 24. There are some extra tickets available! See a coach this week. White Sox Amp Outing

Amplify Open Saturday & Sunday, August 20-21. Registration is open! Details here! AMPLIFY_OPEN_Graphic-1

Coach Sean! Sean qualified for the Granite Games and accepted the invitation to represent Amplify in Minnesota in September! 13584788_501810286696768_1468912096569430791_o

MONDAY Strength Front Squat [Video] Back Squat [Video]

4 Sets of 2 Front Squats. 3 Sets of 2 Back Squats.

* Increase weight each set and find a heavy set of 2 for both Front & Backs.

Conditioning Choice 1: 5 Rounds For Total Time: • 10 Handstand Push-ups • 20 Airdyne Calories • 5 Muscle-ups

* Rest 2 minutes in between rounds. Start with Strict HSPUs if you’re very efficient at kipping.

Choice 2: 5 Rounds For Total Time: • 10 Push Press (#95/65 Rx; #115/80 Rx+) • Row 400 meters • 10 Pull-ups (15 Pull-ups for Rx+)

* Rest 2 minutes in between rounds.

Front Squats