Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Fun! Check the weekend info below.

Friday Costume Contest: We'll take a Halloween group photo of the members dressed up from each class and post it to our Facebook page. After all the pictures have been posted, the Amp coaches will vote on the Top 3! PRIZES! 1st Place: $75 Reebok Gift Certificate 2nd Place: $50 Reebok Gift Certificate 3rd Place: $25 Reebok Gift Certificate CrossFitHalloween08

Saturday Fight Gone Bad Fun: We'll hold an in-house fun competition, with prizes, in the CrossFit benchmark WOD "Fight Gone Bad." Show up to find out the details!

TUESDAY Conditioning Rowing "Helen" 3 Rounds For Time: • Row 400 meters • 21 Kettlebell Swings (#55/35) • 12 Pull-ups

Accessory Strength Work 5 Rounds of 20 Second Hanging L-Sit Hold, 40 Second Rest 4 Rounds of 20 Second Hollow Hold, 40 Second Rest 3 Rounds of 40 Second Plank Hold, 20 Second Rest 2 Rounds of 1 Minute of Max Sit-ups, 1 Minute Rest

Optional Gymnastics Conditioning EMOM For 12 Minutes: • Odd Minute: 3 Muscle-ups (Scaled: 9 Pull-ups) • Even Minute: 40 Double Unders

Rowing Tips