Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Skill Work and a KB/Running WOD!

TUESDAY Skill Work Part 1: Pull-ups [YouTube] Options: A. Strict Pull-ups: 6 x 6, bands allowed. B. Kipping Pull-ups: 5 x 8, quality reps. Focus on a clean and smooth kip. C. Butterfly Pull-ups: 5 x 6, getting familiar with the process. Expect the timing to be off some.

Rest as needed for any of the of the 3 options. Please choose the one that is truly needed based off last week's practice.

Part 2: Handstand Push-ups [YouTube] Options: A. HSPU Complex 5 sets of 3 Strict + 5 Kipping HSPU

B. HSPU Development Complex 5 x 15 Second HS Hold with 3-5 Second "Negative" to the AbMat Then 8 Seated Dumbbell Press

Conditioning For Time: 36 Kettlebell Swings (#55/35 Rx; #70/35 Rx+) Run 200 meters 36 Weighted Walking Lunges (KB held at the chest) Run 400 meters 36 Kettlebell Swings 36 Weighted Walking Lunges Run 600 meters

Handstand Push-ups