Thursday, July 30, 2015

  Thursday Gymnastics Work and a Partner WOD!

Words of the Week Read "HANDSTANDS" for this week's focus on form and function.Words of the Week image

Amplify Open August 8-9 Team Competition. It's not too late to register-- spread the word! Registration is here. 10891694_890917770949706_1027422878764229076_n

THURSDAY Gymnastics Strength V-ups, Knee Raises, Toes to Bar [YouTube] Pistols, Assisted Box Pistols, Candlestick to Pistol [YouTube]

* Thursday's session will be a test to see which movement you’ll be working on throughout this cycle.

Partner Conditioning For Time: Run 1200 meters (200m Relay) 120 Calories on the Airdyne Bike (20 Cal Relay) 20 Partner Tire Flips

Candlestick Roll to Pistol