Thursday, July 23, 2015

Partner Work for Thursday!

Words of the Week! Read "SETBACKS" for this week's focus on resiliency through tough times.Words of the Week image

Amplify Open August 8-9 Team Competition. Spots still open-- spread the word! Registration is here! 10891694_890917770949706_1027422878764229076_n

THURSDAY Partner Conditioning Part 1: For Time: 400m KB Farmers Carry (#70/55; switch as needed) 10 Turf Lengths of Walking Lunges (switch every length) 200m KB Farmers Carry 4 Turf Lengths of Walking Lunges 80 Ball Slams (#35/25; split anyway)

Part 2: Partner Sled Drag: Forward Drag around Ohio Street (pick your own weight)

The CrossFit Games are Live! Have you been watching?