Wednesday, May 20, 2015

IMG_2679.JPG Shoulder Press and... uh oh... "FRAN?!"

Announcements Check full details in our Wodify email sent Tuesday night. Memorial Day: Monday we will hold a 10am class only. Come join us for "Murph!" Scaled and team options will be available. Support Kristin Wristbands: KMillz is off to Central Regionals next weekend! Lisa, Kendra, and Diana have created Wristbands for $5 to help support Kristin's expenses. In honor of Kristin's hard work, this Friday's workout with be "Randy," which happens to be the first workout Kristin will have to complete in Minneapolis! 21 Day Sugar DetoxAre you in need of a Sugar Smackdown heading into summer?  Join the challenge from Wednesday, May 27 - Thursday, June 16! Check details HERE.

WEDNESDAY Strength Shoulder Press [YouTube] Complete 5 sets of 3 Strict Press. Build up weight each set to find a heavy 3rep. (If no fails last week attempt to increase weight.)

Conditioning "Fran" 21-15-9 Reps For Time: • Thrusters (#95/65) • Pull-ups

* 10 Minute Time Cap

Post-Workout 4 Sets of 8 Turkish Get-ups Stay light and work on form and core strength.

Turkish Get-ups