Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year 2015

New Year’s Eve 10am class only.  See you then!

Holiday Schedule NY Eve: 10am class only NY Day: Closed Friday: No 5:30am and no 6:30pm

Amplify Post-Holiday Party Join us January 10 for Amplify’s 5th annual Post Holiday Party!

2015 Paleo Challenge Starts January 14. Meetings will be held beforehand. Check the details here.

WEDNESDAY Partner Workout With one athlete working at a time: 40 Power Snatch (#75/55) 10 Wall Climbs 40 Toes to Bar

Then 40 Thrusters (#95/65) 8 Wall Climbs 40 V-ups

Then 40 Front Squat (#135/95) 6 Wall Climbs 40 Sit-ups

Shoulder Mobility