Thursday, November 13, 2014


More Skill Work and a 5 Round Conditioning for Thursday!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Saturday: Coach Katie is moving to Italy next week!  Let's send her off with an AmpFam Saturday Partner WOD dedicated to her.  Saturday classes will run as normal, but if you'd like to workout with her please come to the 10am class.

THURSDAY Skill Work EMOM for 9 Minutes: • 4-8 Strict or Kipping Handstand Push-ups • 45 Second Ab Plank • 30 Double Unders

Conditioning 5 Rounds Of: • Broad Jump, 1 Turf Length • Bear Crawl, 1 Turf Length • 20 Ball Slams • Run 4 Down & Backs of the Turf (8 total lengths)

Kipping HSPU Progression