Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deadlifts and a sweet WOD for Tuesday! Make sure you have your Wodify profile set up! See below.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Wodify: Amplify is now working through a new software system. Check in and track your workouts at the gym with Wodify.  All Amp members should have received an email with their log-in information.  See a coach if needed.

Barbells For Boobs: Saturday, October 11.  Remember to fundraise!  Details and fundraising info can be found HERE.

Nutrition Challenge: Starting October 13, with several parts to keep you honest and to meet your goals.  See details both in the gym and in the Amplify Nutrition Forum on Facebook.

Amplify Appreciation Month: During the month of October, every Monday will be Amplify T-shirt day and AmpFam Shoutout day! - Wear your Amplify shirts to class each Monday. - Post your experiences at Amplify on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages, and share our page to the public if you value what we do. - Amp coaches will be posting member shoutouts throughout the month.  Check in to see our gratitude to all of you-- THANKS FOR ALL YOU BRING TO AMPLIFY!  YES, YOU! :)

Amplify Thanks

Saturday October 18: "Friends & Family Day."  Invite someone that could be interested in CrossFit to join in the morning classes!

Saturday October 25! Amplify Halloween!  Costumes optional during the WOD.  Mullen's party at night.

TUESDAY Strength Deadlift [wmv][mov] If last week went well, add 5lbs to each set this week.

5 reps @70% of 1repmax 4 reps @75% 3 reps @80% 2 reps @85% 1 rep @90%

Conditioning 3 Rounds Of: • Run 400 meters • 10 Power Cleans (#135/95) • 12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

October Mobility