Monday, September 15, 2014

Push Jerks and a 5 Rounder for Monday! Cinderella Paleo will be at Amplify during evening class hours Monday night. Come check it out!

ANNOUNCEMENTS Jumpropeology Clinic: Sunday, September 21, 9am-12pm.  Amplify will be closed in order to host this event. Efficiently learn to master double unders as well as understand and work the basics of jumping rope all together. Register HERE.

Barbells For Boobs: Saturday, October 11.  Details and fundraising info can be found HERE.

MONDAY Strength Push Jerk 3 Reps @65% of 1repmax 3 Reps @70% 3 Reps @70% 3 Reps @75% 2 Reps @80%

Conditioning 5 Rounds For Time, 15 Minute Time Cap: • 20 Wall Ball Shots (#20/14) • 10 Chin-ups

Fixing the Front Rack