Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Tuesday Skill Work, and then some necessary Conditioning! Get to it.

Read "THE FITNESS EQUATION" in Words of the Week.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS AmpFam Summer Events: View all Amp social events HERE.


"Biggest Loser" 5K: Sunday, August 3. $30 in Chicago. Details here.

TUESDAY Skill Work Pull-ups [wmv][mov] Dips [YouTube] Double Unders [wmv][mov]

EMOM for 12 Minutes: • Minute 1: 5-10 Strict Pull-ups (Beginners sub Ring Rows) • Minute 2: 5-10 Stationary Dips • Minute 3: 40 Double Unders

Conditioning 5 Rounds of Max Effort for 30 Seconds On/30 Seconds Off: • Shuttle Run (width of the turf, side to side) • MedBall Twist (#14/10) • Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers Demo