Thursday, July 17, 2014


Thursday Pull-up work and more. Come get good tips!

Read "BODY TYPES" in Words of the Week.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS AmpFam Summer Events: View all Amp social events including next week's Sox game HERE.

We will be closed Sunday morning with the Sox Game outing.


"Biggest Loser" 5K: Sunday, August 3. $30 in Chicago. Details here.

THURSDAY Skill Work Warm-up Kipping Pull-up Drills: Hollow Rocks [Video] Kipping [Video]

5 Sets of Max Pull-ups Rest 90 seconds between sets

Pull-up Note: We will be having athletes use a red band only for assistance. If an athlete needs more assistance, they must then work on the strength of the pull-up. Use red or blue bands for strict pull-ups. We are eliminating greens for any type of pull-ups, which will mean working Ring Rows to develop pull strength. While this may be tough news for some, realize this is for your benefit. We care about strength and form and getting results for you down the line.

Conditioning 3 Rounds For Time: • 20 Kettlebell Swing to Goblet Squats [Video] • 60 Double Unders [Video]

Optional Post Workout Strength 3 Sets of Max Weighted Planks

Kipping Pull-up Progression