Friday, July 11, 2014


Friday means heavy Back Squats and Unbroken work!

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"Biggest Loser" 5K: Sunday, August 3. $30 in Chicago. Details here.

FRIDAY Strength Back Squat [mpg] Every 2 minutes for 5 sets complete 3 Back Squats. Go heavy. Find a weight and use it for all 5 sets.

Conditioning 5 Rounds For Time: • 10 Unbroken Chest to Bar Pull-ups (perform a burpee for every break) • 15 Unbroken Wall Ball Shots (#20/14 (perform a burpee for every break) • 5 Unbroken Power Snatch (70% of 1repmax) • Rest 1 minute between rounds

* Competitive athletes: Rest 2 minutes after round 5 and then complete 15 Muscle-ups for separate time.

Chest to Bar Tips