Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snatch work and  a couple Kettlebell Swings for Wednesday!

REMINDERS Garage Games Amplify Open: Our second annual Garage Games competition is nearing! April 12-13.  If you aren't competing, we need your help that weekend! If you can volunteer to set up, tear down, judge, or assist in any other way we need you. Saturday is the individual competition, and Sunday has team and masters. See an Amplify coach if you can help.


WEDNESDAY Strength Snatch [wmv][mov]; Power Snatch [wmv][mov] Take 12 minutes to establish a new heavy 1rep Snatch (power or full squat).


Every minute for 12 minutes complete 2 Power Snatches at 70-80%.

Conditioning For Time: 100 Kettlebell Swings (#55/35)

* Every minute on the minute perform 4 Toes to Bar, then continue in your KBS.

Snatch Mobility Drills

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