Friday, February 21, 2014

Shoulder to Overhead and a great AMRAP to end the work week!

Announcements CrossFit Open: We strongly encourage everyone to register for the CrossFit Open! Registration is still open and we have exceeded our Amp goal of 85 members signed up!  We will complete the workouts each Friday anyway! Weekly workouts begin February 27.

Garage Games Amplify Open: Announcing our second annual Garage Games competition, April 12-13! If you aren't competing, we need your help that weekend! If you can volunteer to set up, tear down, judge, or assist in any other way we need you. Saturday is the individual competition, and Sunday has team and masters. See an Amplify coach if you can help.


FRIDAY Strength Push Press [wmv][mov]; Push Jerk [wmv][mov] 5 sets of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of max reps Shoulder to Overhead (#135/95).

Conditioning AMRAP in 7 Minutes: • 3 Toes to Bar • 6 Burpees • 9 Thrusters (#100/65)

Then immediately: AMRAP in 2 minutes of Muscles-ups or Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Toes to Bar Tips with Carl P.