Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday looks like a good day for Snatches and... more Burpees?!

New Year Week Schedule Tuesday: 10am class only Wednesday: No classes Thursday: Open Gym during normal class hours Friday-Sunday: Normal class schedule

Amplify Post-Holiday Party January 18 at Mullen's. Mark your calendars!

MONDAY Strength Power Snatch [wmv][mov]; Snatch [wmv] [mov] Take 15 minutes to work on Snatch, Power or Full Squat. Work on light technique (bar path, pulls, and dropping underneath the bar). If everything feels good, lift heavy!

Conditioning With a 12 Minute Time Cap: 30 Burpees to a Target 15 Power Snatches (#75/55) 25 Burpees 15 Power Snatches (#135/85) 20 Burpees 15 Power Snatches, Full Squat if necessary (#165/100)

Efficiency in Snatch Variations