Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Skill Work and "Diane" as a Benchmark Test!

Announcements: Amplify Holiday Hours: Normal class times throughout the week.  Thursday 10am class only.

ZenPlanner: Check out Amplify's new sign-in sign-in and calendar calendar which will allow members to pay dues online and track WODs. Contact Michaela to set it up; make sure you are online by DECEMBER.

Amplify Food Drive: Lauren B. is helping to lead donations by the white boards in the gym. Food can be taken through Thanksgiving.

TUESDAY Skill Warm-up 3 Rounds Not For Time: • Row 250 meters • 30 Second Handstand Hold • 4 Muscle-ups or 4 Ring Rows + 4 Ring Dips • 4 One Arm/One Leg Romanian Deadlift with KB • 4 V-ups

Conditioning "Diane" 21-15-9 Reps For Time: • Deadlifts (#225/155) • Handstand Push-ups

* Substitute 1 Wall Climb for every 3 HSPU.

Handstand Push-ups Efficiency Tips