Monday, October 21, 2013

Squat Therapy, Back Squats, and Tabata to jump start the week.

Thanks to all who came out in support of Barbell For Boobs this past weekend! Amplify raised over $8000 with the fundraiser!  Check all photos HERE.

MONDAY Mobility Squat Therapy & Wall Mobility (laying on the floor, feet on the wall, knees out). [YouTube]

Strength Back Squat [mpg] 5x3 @80% of 1 repmax

Conditioning "Tabata" • Push Press (#95/65) • Kettlebell Swings (#55/35) • Push-ups • Sit-ups

*Tabata: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds “on,” 10 seconds “off.” Repeat 8 times per exercise. Tabata score for Monday is the total number of reps performed in each exercise.

Squat Therapy, Explained by Speal