Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Front Squats and a 5 round burner for Tuesday!

Announcements: TODAY, Tuesday, 10/8, Coach Dan W. will give a demo on MusclePharm products. Come in and find out info and test samples!

CrossFit Amplify and CrossFit Carbon will co-host Barbell For Boobs on October 19. Mark your calendars and check the info page here.

Amplify heat registration is now available HERE!

TUESDAY Strength Front Squat [wmv][mov] Set 1: 5 reps@75% Set 2: 3 reps@80-85% Set 3: 1 rep@90% Set 4: 8 reps@65-70% Set 5: 8 reps@70-75%

Conditioning 5 Rounds Of: • Row 300 meters • 12 Overhead Squats (#95/65) • Run 200 meters

Front Squat Workout Demo What does she do well?