2019 CrossFit Open: A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace

It’s that time again: The end of the CrossFit Open and the mark of our Amplify anniversary.

Nine years have passed since CrossFit Amplify opened its doors to the public. We celebrate our anniversary the first week of April each year.

This was also the ninth CrossFit Open. Year one of the Open occurred at Amp's one-year celebration. In the past, we have always welcome both.

And now the inevitable: Change.

We have seen lots of change in our stint as a gym— members move homes, members jump jobs, and members lose, and gain, family. The only certainty in life is uncertainty. The same is true in the fitness world where flux is natural. Members come and members go— as is sometimes the case with coaching staff— but all have had an impact on us and our community. We are better for each person’s involvement in the journey of us. The Amplify family now includes thousands along the way.

It has been another year of change where we had to say goodbye to some Amp veterans, but we have also been able to give a big hello to a great crop of newcomers.

So, fittingly, after nine years of the Open, CrossFit headquarters has decided a major change is in order.

You can find the full, 24-page rulebook HERE.

In short, the Open will run each October from now on. In the new format, the top male and female athlete from every country with a CrossFit affiliate will receive an automatic invitation to the Games. The next 20 athletes from the worldwide Open will be invited as well. Regionals have been eliminated.

The road to the CrossFit Games will also include 16 “Sanctionals,” which are sanctioned events around the world that will grant the individual winners an invitation to the Games. 16 men, 16 women, and 16 teams will advance to the Games from these events. Teams will no longer qualify through the Open, and also, team members will no longer need to belong to the same affiliate.

Sanctionals run until June 30. The CrossFit Games will be held in Madison from July 29-August 4. After that comes the October Open, and we’ll see how things go from there.

So what does all this change mean for Amplify? Well, in truth, not that much.

The worldwide competition has always been a test of fitness for us at Amp, but it is also a chance for our members to come together and celebrate each other. It is more than an online qualifier. And it’s definitely more than just five torturous weeks of physical tests and mental challenges. It is a reminder of the community that exists within the Amplify doors.

We will continue to do this, or something similar, in October. Or, perhaps we’ll change it up and create something new. Time will tell. The Open won’t coincide with our gym anniversary, but that’s about it. We haven’t had a team at Regionals for a few years, and the changes don’t affect our Masters’ athletes much.

Those who registered for the Open can see how they rank on the worldwide leaderboard. That’s fun, sure, but it’s always more about camaraderie than rankings. It was another five weeks of the AmpFam coming together in support. The Amplify community rallies behind each other whether it's an Open workout, the daily WOD, or the ups and downs in our personal lives.

Funny enough, the consistent part about CrossFit, and now the Open, is that it changes— it is a constantly-varied approach to strength and conditioning that simultaneously proves our fitness but also exposes any weaknesses.

Use each opportunity you can to reflect on your personal development and any recent accomplishments in fitness and in life. But also accept any shortcomings and setbacks; they are an important part of the process.

One thing we see for certain is that results come to those members who remain dedicated. Stay as consistent as possible. Our fitness journey is always a work in progress, but adaptation comes from continuous challenge. To challenge is to change. To change is to live.

Need guidance? Check with a coach and read up on other pieces like DedicationBalanceThe Fitness Equation, and anything else on our articles page.

So we put closure on another Open and welcome in the start of year TEN as CrossFit Amplify.

Huge high-fives to those members who achieved their first muscle-ups, consecutive pull-ups, heavy cleans, strict handstand push-ups, or simply their first Open ever.

Congrats to those of you who have now participated in multiple CrossFit Opens, and welcome to anyone who will join in the push towards October and beyond. We'll be here, challenging ourselves and each other, and changing lives each step of the way.

Cheers to five weeks, to nine years, and a future of fitness, family, and fun.

- Scott, 3.31.19